Outdoor Play Area Maintenance Services

As time passes outdoor play equipment will be affected the negative impacts of wear and tear and being exposed to the elements, moving components like swing hangers and bearings need lubricating, wooden components need checking for wood rot and metal components for corrosion. By keeping your playground equipment in good condition you’re going to be minimizing the risk of accidents and preventing the requirement to completely replace equipment if it becomes damaged during use.

Madplay Frames provide comprehensive playground equipment maintenance and repair service. We ensure that your play equipment and outdoor play spaces are safe and in good working order. We also offer regular maintenance visits, inspections, total refurbishments of existing play areas, painting, redesigning play frames, emergency call outs, advice, and very friendly service throughout.


If you spot a minor problem but there is no safety risk, please take some photos of the area of concern and contact us for advice. If you feel the equipment is no longer safe to use, please stop using the equipment immediately. A school or nursery may ask a supervisor to watch the children and prevent them from using the equipment. In a public space, the equipment may be cordoned off or a sign erected telling people to keep off until the issue has been rectified.


If your playground equipment needs urgent repair we offer a fast and responsive call out service. Our experts will inspect and repair any playground equipment you feel needs attention. We can also perform a full site inspection during the process to ensure your whole playground is safe to use.

Supplies for indoor & outdoor play areas

We stock a comprehensive range of indoor & outdoor playground spares and accessories, including swings, slides, rope ladders & special fixings to repair, maintain and build your own, residential or commercial playgrounds and climbing frames. 

Our team is ready to offer expert advice, so contact us today.

Madplay Frames, manufacture and install bespoke outdoor playground equipment. Our extensive range of products is excellent for schools, nurseries, councils, parks along with commercial play spaces, together with a diverse choice of safety and all-weather surfacing completing your scheme.

Allow us to work with you all the way from designing your bespoke play area through to providing post installation inspection and maintenance services.

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